Autumn comes with the first school day, with new office problems to solve, budgets to analyze and allocate for next year, with holidays, some seasonal shopping and household interventions, in order to prepare the house for the winter to come. Few people think about the “autumn vacation” as they wait and passionately think about the summer one or the future skiing trip they already booked. But autumn is a great season and you can still make some incredible excursions in several parts of the world that looks spectacular under autumn’s magic wand of impossible colors and scents.

So if you have the time and the availability, take a fall trip you will never regret, keeping in mind that usually, circuits involve a lot of bus travelling and a lot of foot walking. So make sure you have your anti car sickness pills with you and a pair or two of Reef flats with arch support, mattress foam foot-bed and padded heel for comfort at any time, pack your bag and leave for an incredible adventure.


You can choose Hungary as departing or returning point, but an autumn circuit in these European countries is a once in a life time experience. Imagine the Loire Valley, with its castles, highlighted by the bronze and golden shades of nature. Imagine the majestic cities of Vienna, Salzburg or Strasbourg embellished by the autumnal colors, scented by the early holydays aromas, the incredible scenery laying in front of your eyes at every corner, while you travel from one country to another. You will see vast plains, famous cities, hills and mountains, all waiting for you to see them otherwise than in their regular strong green summer outfits.  Make sure you wear at all times comfortable shoes and autumn boots that will keep you warm and comfortable, as you’ll have some walking and visiting to do. Want to go to these four countries, you should buy an airfare, to choose cheap airfare you can choose traveltrow.


Maybe you always wanted to see Japan and maybe you did, but try it in autumn too, as the experience deserves every cent. The Japanese gardens become works of art, where nature meets history, leaving you breathless. The mountains look spectacular in their new coats and you will find very few places on Earth that become so dramatically beautiful starting with the cold season. The reds, the yellows and the burgundy match perfectly the fairytale atmosphere Japan is endowed to so if you didn’t manage to take your summer trip yet, ask your travel agent to show you some photos of Japan. You won’t waste another minute.

Istanbul, the bridge between two continents

Turkey is famous for its summer travel offers, all – including services, luxurious hotels, grandiose entertainment possibilities on the premises, a lot of history and culture to be enjoyed and explored. But Turkey is more than just sandy beaches and summer fun, but a mysterious world, filled with exotic stories, bloody wars, science, history, religion, traditions and other incredible places. Istanbul, the capital, needs itself a four day circuit to be visited and autumn is a great season, as it is not too hot and the offers are more than reasonable. Go meet the sultan’s legacies and treasures, walk through their palaces, enter the bazaars and get lost in a never ending festival of color and scents, imagine yourself the ruler of the whole world while enjoying the confluence and the perpetual influence of the occidental world with the Oriental one. A trip that reminds you of Scheherazade, exciting stories and a complete immersion in a new fascinating world. Just as in the other cases, wear flat comfortable and anatomical friendly shoes and boots, as even the weather is warm, you will need to walk great lengths if you want to taste the beauty and charm of Istanbul.

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