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Our minds are hungry for information. That’s why its loves to listen dialogues, that’s why it desires to watch every-thing and that’s why it needs to roam around the world to listen and to watch the stories. And what is the must-visit place, other than Rome.

Rome is the capital of Italy. It is the house of:

  • Fountains
  • Pizza restaurants
  • Gelato, and
  • Ancient places.

Rome is also know the Eternal City. Its places that speak the stories of Roman Empire’s modernity and bravery let a person to know itself. Therefore, you cannot see the whole city in 3 days. But, you can go to at least a few most important places and self-realizing places in this canopy of love and affection which also hides the tragic love story of Pyramus and Thisbe.

Thus, if you want to visit those places, all you need is to organize your schedule that when you have to at the chosen place, because every place needs to be given three hours to know about it.

So the places, you should visit are:

The Colosseum:

The Colosseum, an amphitheatre, is an enormous place to visit. And it will be truly wonderful experience to go there and observe its walls to know its history. That’s why it’s better not to buy only standard ticket. Buy tour ticket too. Otherwise you cannot see some portions.
More than hundreds of year old amphitheatre where more than 80,000 people could be seated has so many portions. One of them is arena floor.
Arena Floor is the stage of Colosseum where rioting used to perform.
Moreover, the theatre has Basement too.  There are so many tunnels and networks in basement. There, animals and gladiators are kept. They practice over there before performance.
Other than this, there are three rings for audience to be seated. Third ring is very high. If you want to go at second and first ring, then you will be needed to go earlier at the ancient place.

Vatican Museum:

Don’t leave the Vatican Museum unvisited. It hides so many history of the sity and its empire. The museum has so many wings.
It has separate gallery for maps where you can find so many maps painted on the wall which were painted from the drawings of Ignazio Danti.
Other than this, there is also wing for sculptures too. That wing is named as Museo Chiarmonti.
Moreover, there is also Pinecone Courtyard. There you will find huge golden ball in front of the sculptures-filled courtyard.
Furthermore, there is history depicting The Octagonal Courtyard. The Octagonal Courtyard depicts the history of Laocoon and Trojan War.
There are other places too to be visited in Vatican Museum itself like Spiral Staircase, Hall of Chariot and many others.

Palatine Hill:

Palatine Hill is in the centre of those seven hills on which Rome is built. It is the Palatine Hill where many emperors had made their houses, because of its being in middle. Therefore, you can find there so many places to see and visit.
The place which has made the Palatine Hill so dominated or prominent is Flavian Palace. Flavian Palace is made for Emperor Domitian.
Moreover you can know more about chariot racings and its lovers by looking at Circus Maximum. This place can hold 300,000 viewers or lovers of racing.
Other than this, you can also find gardens and terraces at different places located in Palatibe Hill.

So, these are the three important which you should note down in you to-go list. Otherwise, you will miss the real history and real story. And then, you left with an option of reading different essays and blogs or assignments available at Assignment Help UK to know about them.
So, whenever you go there, do visit!

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