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Another new year! Again another new beginning. This is the time for curating what is old and gold and also the time to usher the new. And wedding scenes are not different either. If you are all geared up to plan your wedding in 2019, then you must make sure you are doing it in the right way. Of course, your wedding is the celebration of love, the celebration of the union of two souls who are destined to be with each other forever. But to mark the celebration and to make it perfect, it is also important that you plan the wedding day in a way so that it becomes the most memorable day in your life so that, years later, when you look back, it makes you shed a drop of tears or two thinking how special the day had been. And for that, think of planning the ceremony while following the latest trends of a wedding in 2019.

There are many trends that every year come and go and then there are those that stay for a long time and become timeless. So, this year too, the wedding planners all over the world have researched a lot and have come up with some amazing ideas that I am going to share with you in the following points. Take a look.

Simple Classic Wedding

If you are thinking about how the ceremony should be like, then the first and the most prominent trend that you must follow this season is a simple classic wedding. Yes, this year, weddings are not fancy anymore. The fancy different themes and the over-the-top arrangements are going to take the backseat. Now, it is time for the classic wedding. So, if you are planning to get hitched within a specific budget, this can be a great idea! Go back to roots. Find affordable wedding venues in Houston and arrange it in a timeless way. Deck the hall up with flowers and satin just like classic wedding scenes. If there is any special architectural feature in the hall, use that wisely. Go for an elaborate chandelier and a magical lighting arrangement. In short, revive the iconic wedding scenes from old Hollywood movies and celebrate the day in a classic way.

Coral is the Shade of the Year

Well, be it is the décor of the wedding venues in Houston, or be it the color of the dresses for bridesmaid, a dominating color will always be there. And this year, that color is coral. A perfectly traditional hue that goes well with all kinds of venues, be it a massive city hall or a countryside with lush green space all around. A feminine, happy and sophisticated shade, coral can be thrown around in your décor, walls, table settings and so on. If you are hiring a wedding planner, make sure you are discussing the plan with them beforehand. If you are looking for creative inspiration in different blogs and websites, look for this trend too.

Massive Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is surely one of the most important attractions of the night you are getting hitched to the love of your life. They say, when you are going to do something good, it is better to always start with something sweet. Hence, your wedding will be incomplete until you share the sweetness of it with your wedding. This year, the wedding planners are rooting for massive wedding cakes. Yes, these cakes are going to be the center of attention in your whole dinner spread that you are going to plan your guests. There are many wedding venues who offer wedding cakes as their in-house service too. Share the ideas with them.

So, now as you know about these trends, incorporate them in your planning and plan a grand celebration of love in 2019.

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