desert safari

The trending attraction of UAE nowadays

The desert safari is the most trending and attractive place of United Arab Emirates located exactly in the United Arab Emirates Dubai very close to Dubai.This place is designed in such a way that there are so many entertaining things to do here and if you are planning a desert safari trip then surely you will be enjoy a lot there because there are countless things to do and they are just unique in their own way.

Luxurious dune bashing opportunity

The most entertaining and memorable thing to do is dune bashing at 4 × 4 Land Cruiser integrate Rocky mountains of desert full of sand actually this right and this mode of transportation has its own beauty and it is a source of entertainment as well.

Henna painting an attractive art

And other interesting things to do in your Desert Safari trip is Henna painting which is a temporary body art and not just a body art it is also used to color your hair skin nails as well as fabrics but in your Desert Safari trip the purpose of henna painting is to give you a sign on a trademark how to give you and Arab look or just to remind you about Arab culture and its beauty.

Camel ride the best ride ever

There is one more interesting and entertaining things to do in Desert Safari which is camel riding which will remind you around 15000 years back when there were no vehicles no noise no abundant smoke and pollution and the simplicity was the complete code of life not your choice. It will also allow you to experience and feel the Emptiness of desert the beauty of desert and the difficulties to ride a camel in the desert.

Sand boarding

And other interesting and memorable things to do in desert safari trip is sand boarding which is very similar to snowboarding actually is snowboarding and send boarding is a type of a sport which is done on saint and snow it is basically a right and which you have to write a script on desserts and snow both because in Saint and snow this is so much difficult to run in a properly so that’s why send boarding and snowboarding is used.

Arabic costume photography

There is one more most entertaining and enjoyable thing to do in desert safari that is Arabic costume in which Arabic dresses will be provided to you so it will give you an Arabic or a proper test Circle to look and then to make it more memorable you can take your pictures with your friends family and love once so all these memories will be always with you till your dead.

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