First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! Wish you A HAPPY MARRIED LIFE!. We wish you all the best in the future with your new life partner. But are you in Mumbai or in any part of the world, and want to get the best places for your honeymoon? Then look no farther than the places in Karnataka. The best romantic places for your honeymoon from Bangalore. So read this article and start your life in an excellent way amidst the beauty of Mother Nature.

We have another best idea. If your wife is an adventure seeker, then you can go for these places on bikes. Are you game to the idea? Shall we now move on?


Just search for the name in the adventure places of Karnataka. You will find that it is filled with viewpoints, fine places to trek and coffee plantations. In short, Coorg can be best described as the best spot for new couples and honeymoon destination. Yes, maybe, you may not get much of an adventure, but you will like the calmness. The same situation may make both of you know about each other.

There are many best places to visit in Coorg, but some are Abbi Falls, and trekking trails in Pushpagiri, Tadiandamol. And if you like rafting, go for it at Barapole.


If your wife wants to visit a place with ancient monuments and buildings for the honeymoon, there is no better place than Mysore. Mark our words, you can find the best ancient remains, palaces, and stunning forts. Yes, please go to the best mobile or best camera. For romantic places, you have the Brindavan Gardens. If you want to go to an ancient temple, there is the Chamundeshwari temple atop the hill. For royal splendor, you have the Mysore Palace, Jaganmohan Palace. Are you an animal lover? Then please visit the Mysore Zoo which is full of animals.

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Are you the owner of a blog, and want to share the best photographs of your honeymoon with the family members? The temples and ancient monuments can make the photos get the best thrill for the viewers. Some places to visit are Hoysaleshwara Temple, Archaeological Museum, Kedareshwara Temple, Shantaleswara Temple, etc. If you are going to Halebeedu in the month of March or in the first week of April, do not forget to visit the Hoysala Mahotsav Festival.


Are you and your spouse, working professionals, and want to stay just for yourself, amidst Mother Nature? Then the best place is Chikamagaluru. It is considered the coffee capital of Karnataka. You can see the entire hill clothed in fine greenery. If you have gone to this place, do not forget to visit the toy train, Rose Garden, Kudremukh National Park, Mullayanagiri, Hebbe Falls and more.


Are you looking to spend your honeymoon in an adventure? Then please go to Kabini. And the place is Kabini National Park. You can go for many natural physical activities such as coracle rise or opt for an elephant safari or jungle safari. You can go for a long ride on a bike in the roads amidst the dense forests. The places to visit – Brahmagiri Sanctuary for Wild Life, Kabini Dam, Rameshwara Temple, and Nagarhole National Park.


Known as a pilgrimage site, this place is also famous for its breathtaking spots for the honeymoon. The best places to visit is the Half Moon Beach. The other places to visit are Mahabaleshwar Temple and OM beach

BR Hills

Have you landed in Bangalore from another part of India, and have also brought your bike? Then the best place to go from Bangalore to Mother Nature by bike is BR Hills. You may have heard one temple which is very famous – Biligiriranganatha Swamy Temple.  The distance you have to travel from Bengaluru – 175 km.

Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Have you roamed all the best places in Bangalore and want to retreat to a cool place? Then please select Ooty. You can either go by bike or on Bus. The weather is excellent, and you can admire Mother Nature. But the distance from Bangalore to Ooty is a bit long – 282 km.


There are many places where you can take the most romantic photographs. One such place is Savanadurga. The distance is a mere sixty km from Bangalore and you can go with your wife and come back. This place comes across as one of the best getaway destinations for the weekend from Bengaluru.

Other Best Romantic Places For Your Honeymoon In Karnataka


So far, we have given information on best places of Mother Nature, places with temples, ancient monuments from Bangalore. Shall we move a little further? One place you can visit by bike from Bangalore and visit is Madikeri in Coorg district. There are many destinations in Madikeri. Some places to visit are Cauvery Nisargadhama, Abbey Falls, Madikeri Fort. But please note, you have to stay for at least two to three days at this place to visit every tourist spot. But with your bike, you can complete the distance in less time.

Bandipur National Park

If there is another wildlife sanctuary worth checking in Karnataka, it is Bandipur National Park. The reason for the popularity is because of the presence of a large number of tigers. And if you are lucky, you can spot deer, bears, and elephants.


So these are few spots popular as the best places for your honeymoon. But please note, that we have already mentioned visiting these places by bike. And before going on a trip, it is better to check if your bike is in proper condition. The reason, you are new to the place and it is difficult to get mechanics. So, let us take a situation. You are from Delhi and have got married just before two days. You have landed in Bangalore at your cousin’s house. He has lent his bike and asked both of you to go to the above-mentioned places.Now he has made the bike get back to excellent condition. He had downloaded an app from the company which provides the best bike service online Bangalore and other towns of India right at the customer doorstep. The bike mechanic had come as per the scheduled time and did the maintenance service. So, the bike is in top working condition, and you and your wife are ready to move out for the honeymoon. All the best!

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