Travel to Oktoberfest

If you are a true fan of festivals, especially folk festivals, you must be aware of one of the most significant fair’s that unfailingly makes news annually. Yes, we are referring to Oktoberfest! Set in the heart of Munich, this German folk festival attracts over six million people from various backgrounds. In history, it is renowned as a small regional event, held to celebrate Prince Ludwig’s wedding in Bavaria and later on, it aimed at promoting Bavarian agriculture. Today, this celebration is Europe’s leading event, where tourists from all corners of the globe have the best time of their life with their close friends and loved ones.

Oktoberfest in Munich surely remains the world’s largest folk festivals, one that is all about drinking the finest quality beer. This celebration lasts for about two weeks and transforms the core of Germany into a bustling hub, and if you plan to visit the festivities, a tip you need to keep in mind is to dress and blend in just as the locals do! For this, you will need to dress in the men’s lederhosen or dirndl dress for women.

Along with these, the festival is also about enjoying thousands of grilled sausages, giant pretzels, grilled sausages, and tapping your feet to German folk music. Oktoberfest spans for about two weeks, and in addition to dancing, eating, the visitors can enjoy a plethora of colorful parades, rides, and more endless fun!

When attending Oktoberfest this year, here are some tips on how to survive and make the most of your time there.

Eat As Much As You Can

Oktoberfest has the finest tasting food. Obviously, beer is a main attraction, but food remains the second most amazing thing you cannot afford to miss, it is simply scrumptious! Do not take this wrong, because you may be somewhat wasted, and anything at that moment would taste amazing, this is real, proper, and delicious Bavarian food we are referring to here. You can indulge in lots of sausages, meat, pork knuckle and the all-time favorite roasted chicken.

When attending the festival do not limit yourself to just one food item, make sure you try everything. Eat as much as you can. It is surely worth it all!

Blend In Like the Locals

As mentioned above, a tip for you when attending Oktoberfest is to blend in as the locals do. Not only will they appreciate this, but it also holds strong value in their hearts. When you buy German lederhosen from a Lederhosen Store and flaunt it at Oktoberfest, the locals appreciate this and it shows that you respect their culture and traditions. The outfit was famous back in the old days as the everyday wear of local peasants who spend all their time in the fields working. Among women, the dirndl dress was common as an outfit of a waitress, and that is why women wearing this at Oktoberfest are looked at women respecting the Bavarian culture.

Nowadays, you can find several stores have special offers and lederhosen for sale. However, to avoid fraud, make sure you know how an authentic one looks like. The original lederhosen is 100% authentic leather, featuring leather suspenders (deerskin, cowhide, or goatskin), embroidery, checkered Bavarian shirt, and other accessories like lederhosen shoes, hats, pocket knives, and more.

Explore the City

Munich is popular as a city that has so many attractions to visit. When attending Oktoberfest, try to squeeze out some time to explore this exquisite, history rich city. So many people come to the city to have a great time at Oktoberfest and they can never make it past the huge beer tends, missing the attractions in the city completely.

It is best that you take a short break in the midst of your holiday and explore the city. Visit the local museums, parks, the bars, shopping malls, stores, and every corner of the city! Just know that one day of tour does not give the city enough justice, it is best that you extend your stay and dedicate enough time to explore every corner.

Be a Part of the Luna Funfair

As said before, attending Oktoberfest is not only about the beer, and during your stay, you should make some time for the Luna funfair as well. The Luna funfair park is a fun place to take a break. For some time away from the beer tents, you can enjoy the variety of attractions that run alongside the festival, with an abundance of rides, playgrounds, and more. It is perfect for adults and kids. This park opens on the second day of the festival and it runs daily (starts early from 10am until midnight).

A tip for you is to avoid sitting on the rides or rollercoasters if you are full on beer!

Attending Oktoberfest is all about unlimited fun. Once you are ready for your next journey, make sure you make the most of it by following these simple tips.

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