Working Vacation

Unfortunately, in the current climate situation, the vacation of any may be out of the question and useless. And it is only a wastage of time. But sometimes it proves very useful and good to have something to look forward, so why not plan-out your next working vocation and how you might achieve some of it not much, downtime!

Let Your Team Know

This is only applicable if you are not self-employed and have any employed, but it is good for everyone else to be good to communicate and share good ideas and plans.

For example, told them that you will be work intermittently, and not worry about getting in touch with others in case of emergency. Set expectations as to what, if anything you are likely to get done whilst on your vacation.

Choose a Suitable Location for Work & Play

This is very important for work that if you want to do a lot of work then you must need to look at the scenic city-break, rather than a motorhome trip of the outback. If you just want to be able to check your email for emergencies, then anywhere with a signal should be fine of course. If you want to be physically available if an emergency of some sort does occur, then consider – how far away do you want to be should the case arise?

Commit to Checking Your Email Once or Twice a Day

By checking emails again and again over a day it proves to be worthless and time-consuming. That’s why you must schedule to check your email once or twice a day simply you just check your emails in the morning and just after dinner at night, for example.

Boomerang is an app, you can use them to schedule all your emails, no matter which time your press to “send” button, to go out at say- 6 pm that evening.

By using this app, you can schedule your emails, and you should not get stuck in an infinite loop of replying to someone’s replies, you just line them up to be sent at the same time each day.

It’s important to set boundaries and within reason, stick to them. Restricting how often you check your work email is a good starting point!

By doing this you can save your important time. And prove to be very valuable.

Note Things Down

Creativity and focus speed up by different working environments. Whilst to be productive, it proves to be very helpful to be in a busy, working office, creativity often speeds up and better served by a relaxed environment.

With this in mind, you may likely have some great ideas whilst enjoying a vacation. Have your phone at the ready so that you can jot down any ideas. An old fashioned notepad and pen may also work well.

Smartphone Apps to Make Your Vacation Go Swimmingly

At that time there are many smartphone apps available that guides you and make your vacation go swimmingly. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Money penny virtual receptionist
  • Google Drive
  • Sign Easy
  • Pocket

Now we can discuss some use of these apps that how they can prove to be helpful.

Firstly the Money penny app is great for anyone who is alone to run their business over the long term. This app is proving helpful for them. It has two main advantages:

You appear bigger & more professional – having a receptionist suggests that you employ staff and have an office

Unwanted interruptions are more often than not, prevented, allowing you to focus on the work at hand.

If you are on vocation than Google drive proves to be very helpful in this regard. You can enjoy your time away without annoying sales calls. And if you work as the part of the team or employ staff, than money penny help you in this regard that it will route the right calls to the right person, to further reduce any interruptions.

Google Drive provides you the ability to hold all your documents and spreadsheets etc in the cloud this means you can easily access them wherever in the world you may be, as long as you have the internet availability. You can also work on documents at the same time as teammates and colleagues.

Sign easy is very easy to handle and handy app if you deal with any legal documents. If you need something signing off, this no longer needs to be done in person. You can do this electronically with Sign Easy.

Pocket is great for saving bits of information and web pages from across the web that you may want to use and revert to later. This is ideal for when you are on your phone and see something of interest to you and/or your business.

The Best Chrome Extensions for Your Laptop

Suppose that you are taking your laptop with you, then there are several extensions for the Google Chrome browser are extremely prove to be very helpful when It comes to originate yourself and stay productive.

Todoist – this is a very simple, yet very helpful app that can be set up before you start your vacation. You can set up and schedule any work that you want to complete whilst you are away. The extension (and phone app) also comes with some handy templates, you can even use it just to plan the vacation itself!

Loom – great for remote working in general, you can prevent the time consuming back and to of emails, by quickly recording a video of yourself and/or your screen to demonstrate what you want doing or what you mean!

Whatever you are up to, and whatever you are planning, stay safe and look after each other and stay positive!

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