Best Vacation Planner Apps

Planning a trip is fun but navigating to your destination is challenging. The hassle of what route to take of means to use will wear you out. However, technology has it all introduction of Trip planner apps will make your trip planning easy and painless.  The Trip planner apps are designed with advance features which ease the activity and help you enjoy travelling.  They can track your flights and suggest different local sights and routes. Here we have 10 of the best Trip planner apps all most offered in the free version .

1-TripAdvisor (IOS/Android)

TripAdvisor the one best Trip planner app online it has been there for the longest time possible. The apps feature different sites, unlike some of the planners, which only focus on major cities. TripAdvisor gives a wide range of both top attractions and the hidden site globally. You can find restaurants, hotels, vacation rentals just anywhere in the world. The app allows user to customize itineraries and save different place you are interested in. The TripAdvisor app has developed a new feature Trips feature where you keep your Trip private or shared publicly.

The feature provides unique details, in case you search for a city on the app, you will get a feed of other user’s trips.  The video, photos, reviews and details about the destination are displayed on the screen.  It has the TripAdvisor forums feature where you can post any question about trip planning.  The trip destination advisors will give more information to help you plan better.

2-Triplt (Android/IOS, free)

Triplt is a popular name in the trip planning field, significant to many travels and straightforward on every detail.  The app requires the user to forward their travel confirmation emails to the Triplt services. The app will provide a convenient trip schedule for you; you don’t have to have a small bit of information about the destination. This app provides comprehensive information, the flight timing when to check-in at your hotel, the car to pick you and drop you at the hotel. It has advance features to help in a restaurant reservation.

You can sync Triplt with your calendar, enter the meeting, upcoming events and parties all are included on the schedule.  The app also has a premium version where users pay ($49 per year), giving more advance services. You will get real-time flight alerts, seat tracking and the flight finder. However, the free version has all the basic and advance features to keep checked throughout your Trip.

3-Roadtrippers (Android/IOS) free.

Roadtrippers are among the top best trip planners on the web; the help you in every step of the Trip. The make it easy from the start to the last destination point.  Roadtrippers check even the small details like stopping to fuel, for refreshment and other minor details.  The app tells you the nearby features where you can stop for a drink or fresh air. The app gives more information as you travel the restaurants, hotels and stop points.

4-Visit a city IOS/Android)

The visit a city trip planner app plays a significant role; it provides the most challenging features when planning a trip. The user doesn’t have to worry about timing; the app provides the time you need to spend at every destination. It will determine the time and provide you nearby attraction site and activities you can do to enjoy the stay.  On entering the destination, the app automatically generates the best sightseeing guides. It plans according to the days your spending at the destination.  It also provides the distance of the attraction site so you can plan on how to navigate or when to visit each site.  You can edit the visit place or time on the site. It will automatically reschedule the timing and new places you wish to visit.

5-Google Trips (Android/IOS) free

The Google Trip app is the ultimate app to go for; its designed with advance features to make your trip easy and enjoyable.  Google Trip will automatically correct travel reservation data from Gmail. The user doesn’t have to transfer data manually or through other channels.  The app will organize and schedule each activity and plan according to the days you plan to spend.

Google Trip will provide the nearby site and attraction centres, all eateries and hotels near your destination.  You can view all your reservation on one platform, making it easier to follow the schedule.  What makes its user best is the ability to view other traveller’s reviews. You can edit the information anytime the app will adapt to the change fast providing new details instantly.

6-Tripcase (Android/IOS free)

The one of a kind trip planner app, the only app which uses a business approach. It beneficial to all travels and makes travelling easy and enjoyable. You only need to send you a confirmation email, and there the app plans every single day minute and activity.  Tripcase is very flexible; it will show you where to seat at the plane, on reaching you get information about the next destination.  You have to option to request Uber from the app. It’s not just limited to the Uber services as you can provide your favourite service and in seconds, the app will make a reservation. 

For use with the Apple Watch, the app sends notifications and alerts to the watch. Users don’t need to keep using the phone during the travel. The app invests in notifications to keep you updated on every step.

7-TripHobo (Andriod/IOs) free

TripHobo has all the features travel can require, you only need to feed your search, and it’s at your service.  It provides extra ideas on what to do at particular destinations, hotels and joints you can enjoy.  Business users and people on vacation will enjoy quality services from the app.  It has a unique feature which tells the user the hotel that goes in line with the budget they have.  TripHobo app gives the user the timing for each destination and activities they can take up.  Unlike many Trip planners, TripHobo provides an offline view mode in case the internet connection is weak.  From the app, you can view other traveller’s reviews and plans in case you want to learn about certain areas.

8-CityMaps2Go (Android/IOS)

One of the best Trip planner app where you can enjoy every part of the journey. They have both online and offline mode. It allows the user to customize personal points of interest; you will receive information on every location you wish to visit—it best for users with data issues and those who don’t want to pay international data charges.

You can have a different list of destination and add them to the app.  The app will keep track of every destination and provide information on nearby hotels, attraction site and services you can avail in each destination. The best part of CityMaps2Go is the ability to add any notes you wish on the app.


The above Trip planners are the ultimate and best planner apps on the web; they provide a free version with different features suitable for the user. Use any of these to enjoy every part of your Trip, they are simple to use and have rich information about any part of the world.

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