Taj Mahal, Agra

India is a country that is rich in history. There are several historical monuments, ancient temples, caves, and great forts. All of these architectural structures have an amazing history and interesting stories on them. So, there are many such monuments all over the country and it is difficult to share all of them.

Here are the Top Historical Places in India to Explore based on popularity of domestic and foreign tourists.

  1. Taj Mahal

This marble wonder is synonymous to Agra, India anywhere in the world does not require any introduction. There is a romantic tale is behind this great white monument that thousands of tourists visit every year. There are many other fascinating historical destinations in North India in close proximity to the Taj Mahal. This includes the India Gate War Memorial, Qutub Minar, etc. These two regions and Jaipur which is also close by and has many famous World Heritage Sites and palaces forms the famous tourist spot called Golden Triangle. If you are looking for luxury element you can travel with Palace on Wheels train which is the most famous luxury train in the World.

  1. Ajanta Caves

These 30 caves are an amazing tunnel type of caves which was a significant international and domestic trade route. This place is visited by thousands of tourists each year. To reach the caves you have to go by a boat ride on the Arabian Sea. There are giant sculptures carved from the hard rock that depict various scenes from the ancient times. Some of these caves date back to the third century. There are also lush forests around giving a green look like a walk in a forest land. It takes at least 2 – 3  hours to walk through these huge carvings from rock and best visited during daytime.

  1. Victoria Memorial

This is one of the great structures also in white. It was built in memory of 25 years of rule of British during the pre – Independence British Raj in India. At the top of this graceful structure there is a statue of victory that makes up 16 feet in the height! The fort reflects the rays of the sun during the daytime and gives amazing views when the fort is illuminated during evening time. This is one of the top historical places to explore in Eastern India and is visited by many yearly.   

  1. Cochin, Kerala

This is one of the first places of civilization in the country and there are several old traditional churches that were built in twelfth to thirteenth century. There was a Portugal connect so you can witness it in the historical structures like Portugal Fort. Moreover, during the ancient times there was also the Dutch cemetery and Santa Church where they are still preserved traditionally. Cochin is also famous for Mattancherry Palace and Fort Cochin is another famous tourist spot. There are many other top historical places to explore in South India such as Mahabaliburam, Hampi, etc.Before embark your journey, check out the Palace on Wheels departure dates. These are some of the top historical sites to explore each from North, West, East, and South India.

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