Morocco is a Great Place

Why Morocco is a Great Place to like and live

With a great cultural history and ancient buildings, Morocco has become the first choice for many tourists. Morocco has mountains, beaches, waterfalls, deserts, awesome resorts with advanced facilities and historic palaces. Morocco is a combination of the barber and Arabic culture and that’s why diversity in culture marks this country more secretive for explorers and visitors. A lot of question comes in mind when going to Morocco for a delightful tour and all these questions automatically answered by Morocco itself.

You Want to Explore Everything                    

Morocco has a lot to discover in its great full of colored cities. Within the radius of 400 miles, there are beaches and deserts with a cool temperature in winter and plenty of sun to soak in summer. You will think that you have entered in the ancient world where you experience adventure on every day of your Morocco holidays. Elusive magic and mystery of Morocco will probably leave you intimate in your dreams.  Marrakesh, the red city, and Toubkal national park are best places to go when visiting Morocco with your great passion. The fascinating city, Fes is also famous for its spice and markets.

You Want to Taste All Moroccan’s Delicious Food

If you go to Morocco, then you must not forget to taste Tagine, Harira, Fish Chermoula, Couscous, and Mint Tea. Visit Casablanca to taste its best spicy and delicious foods like Couscous with Harvest Vegetables, Chicken Tagine with Onions, Honey, and Mint, Mixed Olives with Harissa and Preserved Lemons, Carrot and Orange Salad.

Moroccan Delicious Food

You Want to Save Cost

Well, living cost in Morocco is much lesser than living in the United States, usually, estimation of cost is 52% less than European countries. It often costs you 120 per night even if you share the room with someone. $250 to $750 is a range for luxurious living people while there are many other hotels which offer less price for the stay. For lunches and dinners, you may cost little like 7 dirhams for a good tasty lunch. You may want to rent a vehicle like a taxi and that will cost you high if you want to visit more places in Morocco.

You Want to Learn Language

In morocco, there is also a national language Arabic a. Spanish (due to Spanish involvement in past) and barber languages are also understandable and mostly spoken by Moroccans. In rural and mountain areas, barber language is spoken. As morocco is an Islamic country so the major impact of language on people is the Arabic language which is very pious for Muslims. As a tourist, you will have many options of language to learn and speak because you are a starter to learn a Moroccan language.

You Want to Be Immersed in a Mixed Culture

Morocco Mixed Culture

A mixture of European, Arabic, barber and African culture, morocco is a place where you will find thousands of visitors, everyone from distinctive culture, all makes this place a model of civilization. Every day you will see many people wearing traditional hoods, African clothes with old-style stitching in streets and you will feel that you belong to here. If you visit more remote areas and mountains of morocco, you can compare the contrast of clothes and language that what people wear and speak here.

So whether you want to enjoy the beautiful places of morocco in your morocco holiday 2019 or you want to work, it fits for both. Tourist’s visas are allowed by Moroccan’s government to stay here for three months and during this period, you can explore the best places like Meknes and fez Marrakesh square. Choose one of the best packages from holidays packages to discover the real culture of morocco.

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